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Natural  Formulations

Any product you pick up from us has a minimum of 98% concentration of natural ingredients.
The other 2% is required to keep your product stable and protect it against bacteria, mold and yeast infestations (cause, YUCK!).



Sustainability is at the heart of all our products.   Unfortunately, the cosmetic industry creates enormous amounts of plastic waste hidden in the form of product packaging.

We are trying to tackle this issue by eliminating plastic from our packaging as much as possible and replacing it with glass and metal packaging.

We have also eliminated secondary packaging to reduce our paper consumption and conserve trees.

Result Oriented Products

We believe a product’s true success is based on results it can generate for the customers.

Our products are developed with the customer in mind. All our products are purpose made to help customers achieve their skin goals.



We do not make products that you could find at your everyday stores or brands.

Our products are driven by research of ingredients and understanding which ingredients work synergistically to deliver results for our customer.

A products has to make sense to us, first and then find it’s meaning with our customers before it is launched onto the market.

This is exactly how our Cactus Facial Gel & Coffee Face Mask were birthed and went on to become our best sellers.

Meet Our Heroes


Cactus gel is prized for its rich anti-oxidants that are essential for ridding your skin of wrinkles and fine lines, keeping it looking young and bright. It also helps in treating sunburns and hyperpigmentation. Uff! All this while also keeping your skin hydrated.


Coffee is the staple diet of the night owls and the 5 am roosters alike. It single-handedly gets us through the long nights and the tough days. Coffee helps dilate blood vessels that contribute to dark circles and leave you with energized skin. It also helps decrease the appearance of sunspots, redness and fine lines.

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