Why we do what we do?

The Luvie Story

We are enthusiasts, creators, dreamers and we dream of a world that is painted in lush green and the seas are glistening in clear blue hues.

We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to practice sustainability to enable our future generations to enjoy the beautiful gifts of our nature; hiking in the mountains, enjoying a dip in the ocean, laying on green pastures, looking up at the star studded sky.

We understand being GREEN isn’t easy, especially when there aren’t many viable options to choose from. And when we started looking around we found that something as simple a skincare product contributed to about 120 billion units of plastic waste , secondary packaging and microplastics. This number is only projected to grow.

The worst part of this story is that about , an estimated 75% of people weren’t even happy with their skincare products as it made their skin burn and breakout or not deliver on the promises they made. And when that happens , that product in it’s entirety ends up in the ocean or a landfill causing an imbalance in the environment.

Thus, the idea of Luvie Essentials was conceived. We focussed on bringing about change in the cosmetic industry by working on 2 main focal points :

We got started on a journey to make sustainable & effective skincare, an easy and viable choice for our customers. We believe that result driven skincare products will define Sustainability in the cosmetic industry because an effective product means a happy customer who uses up the entire product and not toss it out into the environment. So, our products are formulated with the utmost care and deliberation.

We have reduced unnecessary plastic from our packaging, completely eliminated microplastics like plastic beads used in body washes and scrubs and eliminated secondary packaging completely to put and end to wasteful packaging that adds no value to our customer.

It is as a wise man once said, “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it“. 

And “Luvie” is a small yet significant step in that direction. Join us on this long and beautiful journey of clean and sustainable skincare that is easy on your skin and on the Earth too.

Our Promise

To you